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What Early College is all About

     The mission of the Floresville Independent School District is to prepare you for a prosperous life.  The Floresville Early College is one way we can deliver on that promise.  At FISD our student’s last two years of high school are considered their first two years of college.  The only difference is the price and location. It is free and you don’t have to leave home.  The Floresville Early College offers two different paths designed to prepare every student for the workplace of the 21st Century.  Whether your child’s goal is to knock out the first two years of college basics or attain an associate’s degree in a high wage certification program, from here it’s possible. 

      FISD and the Floresville Economic Development Corporation have teamed up with the Alamo Community College District to provide a world class education for our students.  Certifications in business, aerospace manufacturing, nursing, media broadcasting, culinary arts, information technology, and others will be matched with global corporations to provide internships where students earn credit, experience, and insight into a specific field of study between students junior and senior year.  Companies like Lockheed Martin and others are excited about matching our incredible kids with 21st century skills. 

      At FISD we also recognize the importance of instilling the core ethical values of respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, citizenship, and fairness in the education of our children. President Theodore Roosevelt once said that to educate a man in mind and not morals is to create a menace to society. The Floresville Early College will match our National award winning character education program with college prep to foster an environment where students are encouraged to be both smart and good.  After all, companies look for the values and work ethic of an employee just as much as their skill level.

      Welcome to the Floresville Independent School District’s Early College, where we will prepare your children for a prosperous life. 

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